Novel In-Field Post Harvest Treatment
NOF Tackles 1st Mile Food Losses at the Source
NOF is a technology company that developed advanced cooling technology, and focuses in the field of CO2 utilization and decarbonization.

The company patented technology utilizes liquid C02 and provides a ‘cooling-as-service’, multiple-use value model for farmers. In a rapidly warming world, cooling has become essential for economic development, yield productivity, and food security, and critically important for mitigating climate change impacts.

Why Agriculture
There is a need to utilize CO2,
and Agriculture is the optimal place to use it.
Cooling Needs in Agriculture
NOF Introduces a new dimension in CO2 utilization

NOF’s technology is an enabler for CO2 secondary usage! Providing substantial cooling capabilities, prior to fixing carbon in agricultural settings.

How Climate?

Photosynthesis, Energy efficiency, Biowaste, Fixing CO2 utilization.

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