Meet The Founders
Ishay Hadash
With a career that spans across multiple industries in companies large and small , Ishay is focused on developing, managing and expending the busniess direction of NOF. He holds an MSc degree in Applied Economics from the University of Minnesota, and serves as the CEO for NOF.

Yoni Ben Zaken

Yoni is a serial entrepreneur in ClimateTech, AgTech, and EnergyTech. Living and working in India as the Head of the Trade and Economic Mission for over 10 years, Yoni has built a network and the expertise to begin to understand how to do business in emerging markets such as India. Yoni holds an MA degree in International Law from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and currently serve as VP Business Development for NOF.

Yair Hadash

Lead, operational strategies
Entrepreneur with diverse career background in project management, engineering, and establishment of new startups. In the last few years, he helped build number of startups, especially in the real estate domain. Yair holds a BS in Engineering from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, and lead the execution of all the technological developments and operational strategies for NOF.

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